4 Video Ideas To Help Your Brand Get Started With Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly crucial part of any brand’s marketing strategy. There is no shortage of statistics confirming this point.  If you haven’t already made video an important part of your content and marketing strategy, you will be soon.

If your company is just beginning to look into video marketing, the biggest question you’ll most likely have is – Where do I start?

Every video produced doesn’t have to go viral to be successful, and customers won’t turn away from your brand if they’re not the most creative either.

Customers, more than anything else want information that addresses the questions they have. These inquiries many times are what’s standing between them and a purchase decision. However, it’s not enough to know that potential customers are looking for information, a brand needs to know that it’s providing the most relevant information possible.

Video Marketing Ideas

Explainer video

Explainer videos are short online videos that explain what your company or product does. These are perfect for smaller organizations that are just getting started, but they can be useful to larger more established companies as well. If you had to decide on what your first video should be, this would be a likely candidate.

You’ll find that many explainer videos are typically animated, but they don’t have to be. For a company that is just getting started in video marketing, animation can seem like a giant leap.

Don’t worry, services exist that can help you put together an explainer video without breaking the bank or requiring an animation background. If you’re set on using animation but are unsure whether or not you can pull it off alone, hire a professional freelancer through a temp agency like the creative group.

Inexpensive Animation Resources

Explainer video example


Ascend2 found in a 2015 study that the most effective videos used by businesses online where testimonials. Customers want to know if your product solves the problem they have, what better way to find out than to hear from a customer that found success using your product. These videos can be created on a small budget.

A word of advice though, keep it short. Your company might have the urge to cram as much as possible into a testimonial, but no one wants to sit through a long video. If your company makes products that address more than one problem or industry, make many short testimonies that address all the categories and be sure to mention the problem or industry you are addressing in the title for SEO purposes.

Testimonial video example

How-To / Demos

How-to videos or demos are great for building confidence in your customers.  When a customer is confident in how to use your product or service, they’re more likely to be satisfied, spend more, and even potentially recommend your product or service to friends, family, or co-workers.

An area that has seen tremendous success from how-to videos is the cosmetics industry. When it comes to new products in cosmetics, many women are surprisingly insecure about how to purchase or even use products on their skin. Youtube stars like Michelle Phan or retailers like Sephora have been able to capitalize on this insecurity with how-to tutorials.

Not only can how-to videos build consumer confidence, they can also improve the SEO of your website. Jumpshot found that 8% of all search queries were written in the form of a question. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a video prepared for the next time someone searches “how to use (your product or service)”?

How-to example

Keyword videos

Keyword videos take advantage of commonly searched keywords. If you’re trying to figure out what you should be making a video about, understanding what your potential customers are searching for is a great start. You can begin by using free search tools provided by Google, Moz, or SEM Rush to discover opportunities.

For example, the keyword “Rolex” was analyzed using Moz’s free keyword explorer tool. The results of this search revealed the top long tail keywords associated with Rolex. If Rolex wanted to, they could create videos for many of the keywords on this list, including a video on how to identify Rolex replicas.

moz keyword explorer results

By placing your videos directly in the path of where customers are already searching, your brand is more likely to drive traffic to the videos and ultimately to your company’s product or service.

Keyword video example

Video Marketing Next Step

Once your company gets started with video marketing, keep these four simple tips in mind as you move forward

  • Stay consistent

Try to maintain a consistent creative style across all videos your brand produces.  It’s ok to try new approaches once and awhile to refresh branding or to highlight special events, but being too inconsistent can negatively impact your company’s messaging and identity.

  • Serve the customer first, your creative itch second

Video marketing should not simply be thought as a creative sandbox to play in, it is a tool to help your business reach an objective. Every company that embraces video marketing eventually has to see an ROI.  While there are surely plenty of ideas for that next video, always make sure your team is focused on meeting the customer’s inquiry first. It’s not that your video can’t be creative, but rather it should be viewed as the icing on the cake.

  • Keep it short and simple

People today have short attention spans, and they don’t want to spend a long time watching your videos. Resist the urge to cram every piece of information about your product or service into a single video and break things up. Your customers will be thankful when you save them time.

  • Think long-term

Before creating a video, always think about the next step, consider the marketing funnel. Many customers will not make a purchase decision after viewing your video one time and will likely require more information and time before they do. Anticipate requests for information by producing new videos that complement existing videos with the intent of closing the deal.

If you have any questions about getting started in video marketing feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to follow up.

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